this site is probably the most important thing in ny life right now. this site can help me through a little thing called schizophrenia..

i know this because i have most signs of schizophrenia, like seeing and hearing things, anxiety, etc.

i hope this explains everything i do, as im changing moods, strugling to talk.

and those are the reasons why ive made this site, it can help me find out what is going on with me. and i dont care how many people view this site, i just hope someone is there - caring for me, and readong what ever i have to say.

ive been trying to explain why these things are happening to me, but no one will let me...

and lately ive been feeling stressed and angery - i wont say why but shes right next to me

i dont think these things are going to go away, and i might be a worse person then i think i am...

i havent been feeling empathy, i havent been helping people, i havent done anything to show ay human interaction - yet ive been forced into it

i hope you understand

shut up tahlia, i dont care, just get away from me if you want to be pissy with me