My music is experamental

no one really listens to it but i thought posting it here will boost it

This was my first experemental album, i/\/ t-ng\_/s.

This album took only 24 hours to make, and i didnt really ahve a set plan as to what i was creating. my only problem is that its not what people usually make in experimental vaporwave albums/songs, and theres no effort put into it - its just lazy. but i do think it will raise peoples interests with this type of vaporwave style, and m hoping to make more abstracts tracks, and maybe make songs that are too dangorus to even listen to.

This was my second experimental album, eyᵞᵞ

Not this one was made about a week after my first one, and took like 3 days to make. im not sure why it took so long but i put a TINY bit of effort in it. and ye by kanye sounded too good to be a vaporwave thing, and the things he used were just perfect - so i did it. i dont really like this album too much though, it didnt feel right, but thats what i think the art of ecperimental vaporwave is, i guess.

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