so, im just a regular kid .. kinda..

i hav e friends, i have fun, i cry .. etc, boring stuff.

i live in Australia, and im only 14. my life was taken by the internet and the people that i thought that were my friends - but that was ages ago.

but about a yeah ago, memes started evolving into other things that i didnt seem to know about. there were things like ear rape, shrek, bass boost (all of which i didnt find funny, even to this day) and my life was just dedicated to the internet

although i didnt have too much understanding back then.. clicking links with porn viruses, accidently say offensive things that i didnt even know were offencive, etc. but just about 3 years ago my life started changing, and i started maturing way more then i ever was. i went on a 1 week trip to SOMe place called Wollongong, which was just an amaing place to be in. at that time i was introduces to some newer rap songs at the time, like iSpy by a dude called SuperDuperKyle, which i couldnt stop listening to, and my soundcloud recomended slowly evolved, and found things like Snails House, XXXTentacion, and it just kept growing. A year later i came across a song that i think everyone viewing this should know by know - Macinotsh Plus. i couldnt stop listening to it, and everyday i found more videos about it, and soon finding out the name of the genre - v a p o r w a v e.

vaporwave changed me, and i kept finding more songs and artists, but soon after while actually being more into the art, and looking at the things say, my i matured even more, i was feeling so sad. 'its all in your head' was the one that kept me up the most, and soon after listening to the song for about an hours, i couldnt feel any emotion. i didnt feel ahppy, sad, engery, anything - i just was.

i tried looking like i was full of character, but people noticed i looked a little off, but didnt really point it out. and thats whem i knew, vaporwave had a big part in my life then i thought it was.

so, a few months after i found amino, and i was real into UnderTale (i dont really like the game that much) and i found more ways to friends then ever before, since the ones i had in real life werent really good people.. anyway; i met some firneds - some of which i still talk to today, and we would all talk for hours and hours, stay up late, tell each other our dreams, just what friends should do.

and its been a year now, it hasnt felt like it - but i feel like this digital world is where i belong, and i stick myself to it almost 24/7. i wanna live forever, and i want to live that digital dream of mine. someday. someday i will get my wish.